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Language & Luxury hand tailors your private journey and immerses you in some of the world’s greatest destinations and finest luxury locations so that you finally learn to speak a foreign language.

Discover The Language & Luxury Difference. Language Learning That Truly Works.

Welcome, bienvenue, bienvenido, benvenuto, bem vindo! You have arrived at Language & Luxury, the worlds only luxury language learning company. We provide you the optimal environment in which to learn a foreign language, with a Personal Language Instructor, one on one, in some of the world’s greatest destinations.

Our portfolio of hand selected fine luxury properties, outstanding detailed service and quality are second to none. You are only staying at true property gems; and our experts tailor an experience exactly to your requirements and tastes. Let us help you learn a language in a beautiful setting; truly one of life’s finest moments.

Richard Phelps

Founder of Language & Luxury

Please take a moment to hear my story and how learning a language with us in a beautiful destination can finally be your dream come true as well.

Trust our Experience and Local Knowledge! In all of our destinations we have a local team who vet the properties and manage them as well, eliminating the risk of your luxury apartment or villa not turning out as you expected.  This local knowledge and support also ensures

a safe and secure building and neighborhood with nothing for you to worry about except immersing yourself in the culture and practicing the language!  We do the work for you, nothing for you to do other than embrace the adventure!

Our local team members evaluate and qualify properties based on security, safety, quality and convenient location!  And they are there to help manage your local experience so that there are no surprises, only lifelong memories.

Security   •   Safety   •   Quality   •   Location


Discover Why Most Language Learning Programs Fail & Our System Of Learning A Language Succeeds. Beautiful Locations. Hand Picked Accommodations. Top Language Instructors.

Why Other Language Learning Methods Fail

We struggle in our school system to teach foreign languages but as adults it’s even more challenging. Why? We just don't do it right.

Language learning through audio recordings only is just not enough

Group study in North America is very slow and difficult to practice conversation

Group study abroad is better, but traveling and studying in a group means that you speak your native language 98% of the time

One On One Instruction Plus Immersion Is What Really Works

The Key Elements

There are three key elements in the Language & Luxury™ experience that are helping Americans to finally fulfill their dream to learn a foreign language:

1) one on one personal language instruction in some of the world’s greatest cities and towns,

2) living in an actual neighborhood and not in a group tour environment, plus,

3) cultural immersion, which comes both from neighborhood living as well as from activities designed to get you involved in the lifestyle, like walking tours of an open market, cooking lessons and wine tasting but with a local host or hostess, dining with a local, etc.  And we’ve made it an upscale experience, with luxury accommodations and myriad activities and options.

Cultural Locations

Destinations offered are selected based on their relative attractiveness as historical and cultural centers as well as the best locations in which to study the language.

Handpicked Accommodations

The Language & Luxury team has conducted extensive searches and handpicked accommodations comprised of flats and villas in the best locations for cultural immersion.

Language Instructors

Handpicked are the very highest caliber language instructors, all with a great deal of experience in teaching adults and teaching methods that lend themselves to adult learning.

One On One

One on one language learning in some of the world’s greatest cities and towns.

Living In A Neighborhood

Living in an actual neighborhood and not in a group tour environment.

Cultural Immersion

Cultural immersion, which comes both from neighborhood living as well as from activities designed to get you involved in the lifestyle.


Language & Luxury is proud to be featured in the prestigious Robb Report. You can read the full article now.



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The Science Behind Why Learning with Us is Better

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The Science Behind Why Learning with Us is Better

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