Portuguese Immersion & Luxury Vacation In Porto

Recently voted “Best European Destination”, Porto is a visual paradise with a food and wine scene second to none! Enjoy the mild climate by exploring the city on foot.
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Learn to Speak Portuguese in Porto

Are you looking for a language immersion program that can also serve as a luxury vacation? Learn to speak a new language in style with your private one-on-one language instructor at some of the greatest destinations and finest luxury locations.

About Porto

In 2017, the Portuguese seaside city of Porto was voted “Best European Destination” by the online travel site, actually the third time it has received this distinction.

With its picture postcard skyline and colorful combinations, it’s a visual paradise and with a food and wine scene second to none!  Like Lisbon, it’s best to explore on foot.

Many Attractions for Visitors

Porto has many attractions for visitors, like the Avenida dos Aliados, which is the main hub of downtown Porto.  And Ribeira is one of the most attractive districts from which to take a cruise on the Douro River.  The Church of Sao Francisco is one of the most important Gothic churches in the city with an intricate Baroque interior covered in gilt carvings.

The 19th-century Palacio da Bolsa and its Salao Arabe (Arab Hall), the Hall of Nations and the grand staircase are all stunning attractions.  Climb to the top of the  Clerigos Tower, one of the local landmarks, and from the top you have a fantastic view of the city.  The Lello Bookshop is known for its staircases that inspired the author of the Harry Potter series.

A Gastronomic Explosion

An extremely exciting place for eating and drinking, the city is having a gastronomic explosion, with magnificent food markets, retro cafes, upscale bistros offering creative petiscos (small plates), and family-run tascas (taverns) dishing up Atlantic-fresh fish.

With food tours and cooking classes gallore, olive-oil workshops, wine tastings and Gaia’s port cellars, you’ve got one of Europe’s tastiest cities.

Weather Conditions in Porto

With mild temperatures moderated by the cool Atlantic breezes, July is the hottest month in Porto with average highs in the mid to upper 70’s while January is the coldest with highs near 60.

The rainiest month is December with an average of 7 inches accumulation.  Ocean temperatures are brisk with the warmest month being September with an average sea temperature of 65°.

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“Porto was a great choice for my Portuguese learning experience, away from the bustling bigger city of Lisbon, I got to meet and develop friendships with the locals. After spending 3 weeks in the city, I could hold conversations with the people I met, giving me greater confidence beyond simply ordering food. Thanks to L&L’s language teaching techniques, I couldn’t have asked for a better language experience than the one they gave me.”

Ken Diego – Vancouver, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Every Language & Luxury experience is a hand-tailored private journey to learn a foreign language, with a Personal Language Instructor, one on one, in some of the world’s most beautiful cities and towns. If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is this a group classroom language learning experience?
No, this is not a group or classroom of strangers; we focus on providing a language immersion instructor just for you and your exclusive small group of friends or family.
How can I prepare in advance for my Luxury Language Learning Experience?
The truth is that you don’t have to do anything other than bringing an open mind and a positive attitude, and our experienced language instructors, cultural immersion activities, and time will do the rest!  But if you would like to get a jump on things we suggest the following:

1. Practice your listening skills using one or both of the following methods:
a. If your TV service provider has any programming in the language that you plan to learn, watch and listen to those programs! News programs are best because they identify a theme and stick to it for a while, compared to movies or sitcoms that have more complex themes and dialogue.  But any exposure is good.

b. There are mobile applications that allow you to listen to radio stations from all over the world. One example is an iPhone app called “TuneIn”.  Thus, if you’re learning Italian, for example, you can listen to Radio Rai or another Italian station.  Sometimes it’s news, other times it may be a soccer match, but plug in your headphones and go for a walk and let your mind do the rest! In both cases it’s not a problem if you don’t understand, just pay close attention and your mind will start to decipher repetitive sounds.  Pick out a word and look it up if you can; be interactive.

2. Read up on your destination and become familiar with the sites and customs. The more interest you take in the culture the more natural it will feel to begin learning and practicing the language.
Every individual’s language level is different and we also each learn differently. How can language instructors possibly sort this all out?
Having a personal one-on-one language instructor solves a lot of issues as that’s exactly what they are trained to do, namely, evaluate the student’s level and understand how they learn (and what are their interests).  Our language instructors are each unique but share certain traits such as:

They are handpicked and very experienced in teaching adults. There will be an evaluation, either prior to departure or once on site, to establish the language learning level. They focus heavily on conversation, and cover grammar as is needed to address practical needs and uses throughout the day; the curriculum and activities are designed for practical use. And they will adapt to every individual’s way of learning and interests as they get to know them over time.
What is the recommended length of stay in a destination?
In language learning, the more the better because it’s cumulative, that is, you will progress faster and retain more as time goes on!  Three weeks or more would be ideal, and you would most likely learn more the third week than the first two combined.  But since this is a customized experience, you select the dates and duration from one week to a month or more!
Do you book flights?
We do not so flights should be booked through your travel agent, travel website, or directly with the airlines.
Do you book train tickets?
We do not book train tickets, though we can advise on trains when that is your choice for in-country travel.  You may also get help through the dedicated concierge once onsite.
How can I pay?
You may pay by credit card or bank/electronic wire transfer.
Do I need travel insurance?
Travel insurance is for your protection, in case of unforeseen events causing trip cancellation/interruption, or any medical expenses during your trip. We strongly recommend that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance, which may include coverage options from basic trip cancellation insurance to full coverage with emergency medical assistance. Travel Insurance gives you peace of mind and safeguards your investment in the event of a cancellation prior to or during your trip.  You can find travel insurance plans with any of the following:  Travel Guard, Allianz, and Travelex.
What are the departure dates for your language programs?
Key to the success of the Language & Luxury methodology is one on one language instruction, so the program is a customized experience rather than a group tour.  Thus, the dates are flexible and totally up to you.  You simply select the destination and provide us the arrival and departure dates.
Are meals included with your language program?
We do not include meals in the standard package, as enjoying food is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture!  We do provide restaurant guides and a dedicated concierge service for restaurant recommendations and reservations.

And as part of the customization, we will offer other options for dining, such as a private chef, cooking courses and wine tastings; and, of course, our properties are equipped with full kitchens.
Will I be able to fully speak a foreign language?
It can take many months to become truly fluent in a language depending on the individuals ability, motivation and dedication. Our language learning methodology is superior to traditional language learning methods and you will learn faster by using the one on one language instruction and cultural immersion that Language & Luxury™ provides.

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