Hand-Tailored Language Learning Experiences

Every Language & Luxury experience is a custom-tailored private journey to learn a foreign language, with a Personal Language Instructor, one on one, in some of the world’s greatest cities and towns. Creating the customized language learning experience will be a collaborative process between you and your personal Language & Luxury Destination Specialist.
People Enjoying a Hand-Tailored Language Learning
The Language & Luxury™ learning system comes from years of doing it the wrong way. One of our Founders said it best; the first foreign language I studied was German, taking four years in High School, four years in University, and I even took group study abroad programs in each of High School and College.  But after eight years of study and even a degree in German, I still couldn’t speak the language.

I could read and write OK and understood quite a bit, but I hadn’t had enough direct contact with German speakers and just hadn’t gotten comfortable enough with the conversation.  While working in the travel business a few years later, I was sent to work in Germany for two summers, where I interacted with the locals on a daily basis and after those two summers I FINALLY was able to speak the language well. Thus it took me roughly nine years to learn to speak German and ONLY after I lived and worked there (immersion).
Fast forward a couple of years and I meet a woman from Mexico City who later became my wife.  Now motivated and having the German experience under my belt, I moved to Mexico City and learned to speak better Spanish in nine MONTHS than I ever spoke German after nine years.

Why?  One-on-one language instruction from a local, experienced Spanish teacher plus cultural immersion…I lived alone in a flat in a neighbourhood, took care of myself with respect to daily activities, and spent hours with my future wife’s family and friends.

This is definitely the formula that works plus you get the added bonus of long-lasting moments and life-changing experiences that come with being immersed in a foreign culture!

Founder of Language & Luxury - Richard Phelps

Listen to Richard Phelps talk about the importance of immersion in language learning, and his own journey with immersive learning.

The Finest Accommodations

The Language & Luxury team has conducted extensive searches and handpicked only four- and five-star equivalent accommodations comprised of flats and villas in the best locations for exploring and in the best neighborhoods for cultural immersion.
Luxurious AccommodationLuxurious Accommodation handpicked by Language & Luxury™Luxurious Accommodation handpicked by Language & Luxury™Luxurious Accommodation handpicked by Language & Luxury™ Luxurious Accommodation handpicked by Language & Luxury™Luxurious Accommodation handpicked by Language & Luxury™

What Is Included In The Core Immersion Program?

At the heart of each of our packages is the Core Immersion Program. Once we have confirmation for your Core Immersion Program, we can discuss other activities as well as unique and intimate excursions during your Luxury Language Immersion Program!
Cultural and language immersion

Cultural Immersion

Destinations offered are selected based on their relative attractiveness as historical and cultural centers as well as the best locations in which to study the language.

Handpicked Accommodation from around the world

Handpicked Accommodations

The Language & Luxury™ team has conducted extensive searches and handpicked accommodations comprised of flats and villas in the best locations for cultural immersion.

Caring language instructor

Language Instructors

Handpicked are the very highest caliber language instructors. Monday through Friday (two hours per day), and in the location of your choice.

Caring language instructor

Cultural Activities & Excursions

Fun and interesting activities are also another way to practice your chosen language and learn new grammar in real life situation.

Caring language instructor

Private Transfers

We take care of your transfers to and from the local International Airport where you will land making your journey a breeze.

Caring language instructor

Concierge Service

Our concierge service is there to help you with any of your needs, restaurant recommendations and bookings, local excursions, etc.

The Language & Luxury Difference

Looking for the best immersion program to learn a new language? At Language & Luxury, you immerse yourself in local culture with a private language instructor to speak a new language as quickly and fluently as possible.

Are you looking For A Private One On One language immersion program that Also serves as a luxury vacation?


We take care of all the details, from transportation to accommodations and excursions. All you need to do is sit back, immerse yourself in the local culture and relax.

Pricing for Core Immersion Program starts at $3,500 / week for a solo traveler, discounts apply for two or more guests.

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