Language & Luxury™ has welcomed many happy and satisfied guests to our numerous worldwide language learning locations.

We love to hear how our guests enjoy their language learning experiences.

Whether they sipped some red wine along the Seine River in Paris, or enjoyed the beaches in Rio de Janeiro, read why Language & Luxury is the finest choice by actual guests who’ve completed their stay.

“I was nervous going abroad the first time, but the team at L&L really helped me feel at ease from start to finish. I chose Siena as I wanted a small town feel while I learned Italian vs. picking a much larger and hectic city such as Rome. Siena was everything I imagined and much more. A charming city with beautiful architecture, food and people. So much thanks to the L&L team for putting together a wonderful experience.”
Natalie Gold – Seattle, Washington

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the romantic city of Rome. The charm of the ancient world brought me to tears. And I left my heart there coming out speaking better Italian than I ever could imagine!"

Julie Camp - Dallas, Texas

“Staying in Rio de Janeiro was absolutely awesome. The city is as described, HOT! I learned Brazilian Portuguese so fast while I was going to the beach and going out at night”
Miranda Fanning – Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Lisboa (as they call it in Portuguese) was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed exploring the city mostly by foot as the streets are completely narrow. I learned the language as I met many locals around where I live. Loved the experience that Language & Luxury put together. You won't regret a language experience with them!"
Janice Long - Los Angeles, CA

“Martinique is a tropical paradise! I enjoyed the outdoor beach life while practicing my French for the month of February. It’s like being in Paris, but right in the tropics, without the cold winters. The island is very much European in style, and I enjoyed the beautiful French food at all the local cafes and restaurants.”
Jessica Rosa – Phoenix, Arizona

"Staying with Language & Luxury was the best decision I've ever made. I quickly learned French while exploring Paris right in the heart of the city. I highly recommend L&L to anyone looking to learn language."
Christine Chase - Chicago, Illinois

“Staying in San Sebastian was such a relaxing time, close to the shore, yet I got to experience the mixture of Basque and Spanish cultures all in one. This location is truly a magical place and I was not only able to pick up Spanish, but also learned some local Basque phrases during my stay meeting locals in the city.”
Martin Cisneros – Las Vegas, Nevada

"What can I say? Madrid is the city that NEVER sleeps. With so much to do, I could practice and learn my Spanish 24/7. Thanks Language & Luxury for such an awesome experience in Spain!"
Jake Stone - New York, NY

“I chose Oaxaca instead of most other tourist destinations in Mexico so that I could get an authentic experience while learning Spanish. The Language & Luxury experience did not disappoint as the arrival to Oaxaca was seamless and smooth. I enjoyed learning Spanish using the methodology that the program taught me and surprised myself with conversational Spanish by the end of the month.”
Marcelo White – New Orleans, Louisiana

"Mexico City has so much to do, that one month staying there was not long enough. While many people don't think about going to the interior of Mexico since beaches are what is common, Mexico City really has lots to offer. I was surprised by how high the city is located by altitude, so it wasn't as hot as I imagined. I quickly picked up Spanish as fast as I got there."
Monique Black - Detroit, Michigan

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The Science Behind Why Learning with Us is Better

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