Letter From Bologna

Letter From Bologna

We are here to welcome you to an exclusive linguistic adventure, which aims at improving your Italian skills by experiencing the authentic Italian lifestyle in Bologna, the perfect gateway to start your journey into “la bella lingua.” Right in the center of Italy, between the Apennines and the Po Valley, Bologna is the main city of Emilia-Romagna, one of the most iconic Italian regions, rich in history, culinary traditions, and holiday paradises.

We offer you a linguistic immersion shaped around your passions and needs with the main goal to speed up your language learning process and boost your independent Italian usage. Your learning process will be supported by your personal teacher and friendly locals, who will tailor for you the best Italian experience. Lessons might be held while discovering the city center on foot under the traditional porticoes or during a cycling tour on the hills of Bologna, with refreshing breaks at delicious local restaurants, cafés or at welcoming local families’ home.

As you can see, Bologna and its surroundings offer a wide range of activities suitable to all needs. If you are a foodie, you might enjoy learning the language of food. Italian recipes are known worldwide and its names as well, but we will give you more. With us you will become confident enough to start ordering in restaurants by yourself or having independent conversations about what you enjoy eating and we will help you survive the infinite do’s and don’ts of Italian food.

Learning is not enough. You will take part in authentic experiences during your stay, such as making gelato with the best “gelatai” in Bologna or cooking local dishes with your nice local neighbors; but, if you prefer to lay down and relax, what about a nice lunch in an olive grove? Bologna is not only about food. In Bologna, you will learn the language of art and its history.  We will bring you to its ancient palazzi and narrow medieval streets to learn the stories of its origins and the legends of its past. You will also get the best support to start exploring the city by yourself, practice what you have learned with your teacher and start feeling like a local.

You will get the chance to learn Italian through the words played by Italian “cantautori,” whose songs shaped Bologna’s vibrant cultural vibes; but, if you feel crafty, you might also want to spend some time with our local artisans to develop your skills. During your stay we won’t forget about your health, because you know, we expect you won’t say no to that huge portion of lasagne, so why not doing Aquagym in a nice pool in the countryside with some local friends? This is just a little insight of what is awaiting you here, now it’s only up to you to make the right decision.  Bologna will not be only a linguistic stay, but your personal immersive cultural experience.


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