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We are looking for the best talent to work with us. Language & Luxury is an eclectic mix of team members from around the world with various backgrounds and languages!
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At Language & Luxury™, we love foreign travel, language learning, and immersing in the foreign culture and we recruit and hire like-minded individuals. We also insist on the highest quality of service and are constantly evaluating ourselves and our team to ensure that our clients are receiving the very best in quality, both before, during, and after the journey.

The usual methods typically included recorded programs like Rosetta Stone or Babel, online study, group study in the US or even group study abroad, all of which didn’t provide enough focus on the learner nor useful conversational practice in the local culture. Language & Luxury’s method is individual, one on one instruction, in the foreign culture, living in neighbourhoods in some of the most desirable foreign destinations, and with fun and useful activities designed to encourage practical conversation.

And being baby boomers themselves, the founders understood that this generation, which accounts for 80% of the total US luxury travel, appreciates the finer things when they travel and wants to enjoy themselves.

Thus, “Luxury” became another key component in the experience, not only with respect to accommodations, but also to activities like wine tasting, cooking classes, spa treatments, yoga, meditation, cycling tours, etc., all of which can be arranged as private experiences.

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